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About Vester Kopi

Fair and green production in your city

We are serious about our commitment to sustainable operations.

Vester Kopi offers green jobs with a stable income and a wide range of exciting tasks and opportunities.

All our employees receive consistent training in service and production.

Our Rødovre production site is certified with the Nordic Swan eco label.

Among other initiatives for sustainabilitly, we:

  • use eco labelled paper, ink and toner in our production
  • perform waste sorting and recycling
  • offer bike messenger delivery
  • use climate neutral Norweigan hydropower throughout our entire operations

Please visit our code of conduct for more information about the values we promote.

Vester Kopi ApS

CVR: 26712610
Falkonér Alle 8
2000 Frederiksberg
+45 3644 2833
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Vester Kopi ApS and RT GmbH are subsidiary companies under the parent company PrintGruppe GmbH.

RT is one of the leading service providers of print and related services in all of Germany, while Vester Kopi is the leading company in Denmark for print and related services.

We are more than 200 professionals, servicing about 12,000 customers in Denmark and Germany from our many branches in major cities.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Vester Kopi is the leading company in Denmark for print and related services. We are 50 professionals, servicing about 6,000 customers in Denmark from our seven branches in urban centers. The following report details how we pursue a strategy in coherence with the United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals (SDGs) for 2030.

We share the sentiment that small and medium sized companies are vital in achieving the SGDs put forward by UN. While we cannot approach SDGs in a similar manner as government or global companies, we take bold steps to better the world every day.

Transparency is key to our business model. Our success depends on it. We may not hold the means of global companies to invest in monitoring schemes that allow for reporting in numbers and percentages. However, we are able to report on our concrete efforts towards a better world.

The following report details how we incorporate UN SDGs into our overall strategy to offer excellent quality print and service in Denmark. Relevant SDGs from the UN 2030 plan serve as an overview of the action we take for sustainable development.

Faithfully yours,

William Schulin-Zeuthen
CEO and owner of Vester Kopi ApS